We’re on a mission to demystify big data.

Volume Search enables organisations of all sizes to understand their data landscape, all with the click of a button.

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The story behind Volume

We built Volume in response to the ever-changing world of distributed data sources and the growing need for data
re-unification. Working in organisations with multiple file hosting services with no clear way to search across them can quickly become disruptive to the workflow - and not to mention frustrating.

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What Volume does

Unify your organisation's data and make use of Volume's out of the box capabilities to aid in workflow optimisation, collaboration and data retrieval.
Gain powerful insights into your data using Volume's library of ML tools, and use them to build reports for your co-workers, stakeholders and clients.

How Volume can help you

Volume was designed to build the most powerful data unification and search tool on the market.

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Link the tools you use every day.
Volume connects to thousands of
software-as-a-service solutions in just
a single click.

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Workflow Optimisation

Volume provides powerful capabilities to optimise the way your organisation works with data.

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Planet Scale

Volume works for any size of data landscape, and can index data according to how your organisation wants to.

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Powerful Search

Volume understands your data enabling you to query according to metadata, sentiment, and search terms.

Want the technical low-down?
Head to our features page to find out more.

Who we are

We're a team of ML engineers, software architects, business analysts and project managers who are passionate about optimising workflow. We've experienced the difficulties of working on projects with multiple distributed file-hosting systems, and wanted to create a product to solve them.