Digital Data is a mess,
Volume can help.

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Volume demystifies your data cloud.

We built Volume to provide you with a unified experience that’s both personalised, and relevant across all the applications your team uses everyday.

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1,000+ SaaS Integrations

Volume connects to thousands of
software-as-a-service solutions in just
a single click.

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Petabyte Scale Ingestion

Volume can scale to any level of demand you need, without breaking a sweat.

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Military Grade Security

Volume complies with all available standards by NCSC for security assurance.

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Policy Driven Configuration

Tweak and change all aspects of the
Volume platform with our intuitive
administrative portal.

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Best-In-Class Unification

Volume extracts human data from all known file formats, from PDF to Videos, Volume understands it all.

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Unified Data Life-Cycle

Volume understands the journey your data takes. Enabling historical searches and storage-class analysis.

Best-in-class Entity Recognition

Augment your data autonomously with our best-in-class AI/ML pipelines. Including Sentiment Analysis, Transcription, Translation, and Entity Recognition.

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Sub-second document enrichment

Volume enriches your document autonomously, providing you with powerful insights like; summarisation, relationship linking, and entity recognition - instantly.

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Machine Learning without the headache

Volume's Machine Learning systems operate on a NoOps principal, providing an intuitive and simple console to create, customise, and run new ML pipelines.

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Built-in Privacy and Data Protection Tools

Volume ships with distinct privacy and data protection tooling out of the box.

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Redaction and Pseudonymisation Tools

Volume offers out-of-the-box tools to ensure you can put privacy first. This includes automated PII Detection, and single-click rectification actions like redaction and pseudonymisation.

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One-Click Compliance Checks

Volume provides single-click compliance checks for the most critical organisational certifications like GDPR, ISO-27001 and ISO-9001. Volume also ships with tools to help rectify any non-compliance instantly and autonomously.

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How to get started

Volume Search couldn't be easier to setup.
Start searching your data in three easy steps.


Create your account

Create your Volume Search account to configure your searching style, invite your teammates, and deploy your search environment.

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Integrate your SaaS tools

Connect Volume Search to the SaaS and Content Platforms you use regularly. Volume will automatically discover all your files and data.

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Start searching!

Start generating new insights into your
data, understand topics and trends,
check for privacy compliance and so
much more!

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Big Data is here to stay.

The advent of Software-as-a-service solutions has forever changed
the modern data landscape for organisations of all sizes.

In a world of uncertainty, data is king.

The digital footprint of companies of all sizes and industries is skyrocketing by the day, but as more products and services are used, more data gets lost or misplaced. Volume helps you take back control of your data, so it’s always at your fingertips, no matter what.

Luke Roberts
Founder and CEO

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